Personal Training

A Personal Trainer…

  • Makes it easier for you to exercise consistently and helps you stay committed to your program.
  • Helps you surpass self-imposed limitations, stimulate a drive for accomplishment, and help you achieve goals that you never thought possible. Most people are surprised by their progress when pushed beyond their comfort zone.
  • Leaves you feeling confident, energized and one step closer to your goal.

Customized program $95
  • If you’re looking for a great fitness program without the one on one personal training (usually geared more towards an intermediate/advanced fitness level).
  • Includes initial consultation, fitness assessment & program design.

5 sessions $300
  • Includes initial consultation, fitness assessment, program design as well as 5 one on one sessions.

10 sessions
  • Includes initial consultation, fitness assessment, program design as well as 10 one on one sessions.
** larger packages can be purchased at a discounted price, please inquire if interested**

Partner training
$35/person per session (minimum 10 sessions)
  • Many people find greater success in their journey to health & fitness when they tackle their goals with a partner.
  • Can be a fun and affordable way to train.
  • Includes initial consultation for both people, fitness assessment for both, a shared program and training sessions.

Small group training
(3-6 people, minimum 10 sessions)
  • 3 people $30/person per session; 4 people $26/person per session; 5 people $22/person per session; 6 people $20/person per session.
  • Includes initial consultation for each person; fitness assessment for each person, a shared program and training sessions.
Larger groups can be accommodated, please enquire if interested.

Corporate wellness
  • Research shows employees who are active at work are more productive and take less sick time than those who are sedentary.
  • Some of the benefits include: decreased absenteeism, fewer sick days, increases in employee performance and productivity, improves workplace morale….. a physically fit employee is happier, healthier, and more productive.

Photo courtesy of AREVA Resources Canada Inc
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